By what means can you extend the length of time that your tan lasts for?

The most straightforward way to save that beautiful tan you just worked so hard to get is by applying moisturizer consistently using one of these good indoor tanning lotions

The reason that a tan fades after some time is because the outer layer of the skin falls off and bringing the obscured color with it.

Since the a tan originates from different outer layers of skin it will blur slowly as the skin is exfoliated.

This process is totally natural and cannot be prevented, however it can be slowed down. By backing off this rate down, the tan will be visible for a longer period of time.

The dryer the skin the quicker it falls off and is supplanted by new skin. This is the reason a moisturizer helps to back off this natural skin rejuvenating process.

Another simple way to maintain a good tan is to make everything right to keep your body hydrated with a lot of water.

This has an indistinguishable effects from utilizing an external moisturizer, as it gives the skin a lot of moisture from the inside.

A great many people in the medical world will agree that drinking between 2-3 liters of water a day is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The body loses around a liter of water a day through breathing alone.

Drinking enough water helps the body moisturized, as well as helps to cleanse the body of toxins. For a special bonus substitute 3-4 cups of water for green tea. It appears that the health advantages of green tea keep on being discovered. It is rich in antioxidants which can help to keep skin healthy and clear.

Most tanning salons will have no less than one after-tan moisturizing lotion available to be purchased.

These lotions are typically particularly designed for use in the wake of tanning. The difference between them and a standard store purchased lotion for the most part needs to do with how thick they are.

Lotions purchased at a real salon have a tendency to be thick with the goal that they give a deep moisturizing effect. A few people prefer store purchased lotions, or due to having exceptionally sensitive skin they are compelled to purchase an expensive hypo-allergenic product.

The final product is the same and it truly boils down to personal preference. Most health professionals advise moisturizing quickly after a session in a tanning booth or tanning bed.

Waiting a few hours will minimize the effects that the lotion has. The pores of the skin are most open after a tanning session because of the heat and drying effect of the UV light.

For best results use a moisturizer no less than two times every day to maintain your base tan longer.