There is nothing like coming face to face with a shark in the deep blue ocean. Not as big as the squid or whale, but shark is the #1 predator of the sea.

It is always a thrilling experience, even for the most experienced diver. You can cage dive with sharks, where you will be inside a cage and lowered into the water. Sometimes, sharks circle these cages and even try to bite it.

The cage will keep you safe and give you a thrilling experience.

But still, this does not compare with open sea diving.

You don’t always have to go deep into the sea to see these monsters. The fact is that, you can come face to face with a shark even while you are snorkeling as well. So you need to take every precaution.

You must carry the best snorkeling fins to gain the propulsion and get away if the need arises. Carry with you other top gear as well.

Here Are the Best Places Where You Can Snorkel With Sharks

  • Shark Ray Alley, Belize – The Alley is located just off Ambergris Caye in Belize. The monsters of the sea come close to you here, sometimes, too close. In fact, there could be dozens of nurse sharks swimming all around you. But usually these sharks are quite safe. These sharks are also seen at Hol Chan Cut in Belize. Stay at Caye Caulker and visit the Shark Ray Alley there, where there are fewer people.
  • Petite Terre, Guadeloupe – Guadeloupe is in the Caribbean, between Antigua and Grenada. You will see the fins on the water even while arriving by boat at Petite Terre. Get into the water and you will many small lemon sharks beside you. You will see them even on the sandy seabed. These are mostly peaceful marine animals. You won’t bother them, but you will still have a spectacular view.
  • Shark Bay, Ko Tao, Thailand – The island of Ko Tao is north of the more popular Ko Pha Ngan in Thailand. You can see many blacktip reef sharks here even while snorkeling. They measure between 2 and 3 meters and are see a few meters below the surface.
  • Velidhu Island, Maldives – The country is dotted with hundreds of small islands. Visit Velidhu to see blacktip reef shark and swim with them. These are elegant, quick and lively sharks that are often seen between coral banks. Seeing them is a great experience.